Course & Subject: Math, multidegree group


  • Internalize multiple numbers of 3 and other numbers as a way of learning
    multiplication tables by heart.
  • Improve attention by enjoyed activities.


  • Divided in two groups, one of then have to collect only de numbers multiples of three,
    and members of the other group, collocated around the area where numbers are have
    to throw a ball to the person, from the other group who is trying to put the multiples
    on the center. If he/she is tauch with the ball, ought to get out and another fellow has
    to continue. If there is no more people to collect numbers, the group which is
    throwing the ball change the action.


  • This game is played not only in Phisical Education, but also in Maths. Children enjoy and put
    attention, furthermore teamwork is also important here, improving the communication
    among the members of the group.
    After the development of this activity, they improve their hability to multiply.



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