CRA FRANCISCO IBAÑEZ school was established in 1996 in a small town next to Guadalajara, Spain. Our students are children from the village we are in and from the surrounding villages. The students of our school consist of students from three villages: Iriépal, Taracena and Usanos. Each village has a school building that houses the surrounding villages’ students, The school in Iriépal is the largest with eight classrooms. It provides a multicultural background to our community to apply the values of respect, tolerance and coexistence in a globalized world by considering our local wealth history. There are 23 teachers. The main subjects are: natural and social sciences, mathematics, spanish, english, physical education, arts (music & crafts) and religion. We work through projects and active methods.  
AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS PROFESSOR RUY LUÍS GOMES schools consist on four different schools that cover all levels of education, from kindergarten level to upper secondary level. The group has more than 1500 students, distributed in different classes and a centralized administration and management. Nevertheless, for this project we are only aiming the fifth and sixth grade class which is in one school “Escola Básica e Secundária Professor Ruy Luís Gomes”. Professor Ruy Luís Gomes, has more than 750 students and 90 teachers. It’s placed in the southern suburban area of Lisbon (being though part of its metropolitan area) in an administrative region of 174 000 inhabitants, working on economic sector of services far more than in industry or agriculture.  
  KAZIM TAŞKIN PRIMARY SCHOOL was established in Tarsus, Mersin in 1966, on an area of 4000 m2. It receives a lot of immigration due to various reasons. The number of students who are disadvantaged (immigrant, broken family, economic, cultural, disabled) for this and many similar reasons is quite high. In the 2021-2022 academic year, normal education continues its education with 22 branches, 6 kindergarten classes and 1 special education class. Currently, 453 students and 32 permanent teachers are working in our school. There are a total of 3 administrative staff including the school principal and assistant principals. Classes have been opened for Severe Autistic Students in our school and 2 permanent teachers have been assigned to these students. In terms of educational activities of our school; Basic knowledge and skills are taught to children in Social Studies, Turkish, Mathematics, Science, Human Rights, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education and game, Free Activities courses.
    Ferenc Medgyessy German Ethnic Primary School was founded 45 years ago. It is a state school and was named after a famous Hungarian sculpture.   436 elementary pupils are educated by 38 teachers.  Our school is located in the northwest of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It is in the third district in a housing estate area, which is a bit disadvantaged area. Most of the children have different background, some of them come from a really poor family and some of them are really neglected. A number of children arrive from the neighbourhood, too because of the reputation of our teachers and their methods such as chess palace, sports, a well-know Hungarian fairy tale method.  As a national German primary school, german language, history and culture is taught at a higher level, which is based on the German national curriculum. Pupils learn German language from the first year. They have five German and one civilization lesson a week. english is also taught at a higher level. Students have 5 lessons a week from grade five.  Our school is really well-known in the district. It also has an important role in our education system. Lots of competitions are organized in our school where the students from the district can challenge their German, English, Sports, Literature, History, Science and ICT skills at different leves.  Our school can be proud of being an “Excellent Talent Point”.  Our classes are well equipped. We can boast with white boards, proyectors, computers and smart boards.  Wide range of afterschool activities are offerd to our students such as art, drama, fairy tale-, indoor- and outdoor activities.  We have got some experience in European projects. We were visited by a Comenius teacher assitent from Germany a couple of years ago to improve our skills and competences of pedagogy.  We take leading part in the innovation and development activities, so we look forward to having our ERASMUS project.